Advance Course on Diabetes Care (Lead PH)

Advance Course on Diabetes Care (LEAD PH)

Advance Workshop on Diabetes Care
Focus Out-patient diabetes prevention and control
Duration 12 days
Participants/ course offering 20-30
Participants Any board certified physician with the ff qualifications:
  1. That they practice/shall practice in an area that is in need of a diabetes specialist
  2. For private practitioners:
    1. 2.1 IM age of less than or 40 years
      Newly graduated from residency in IM or within 5 years or less of private practice
      2.2 GP/FM, not more than 35 y/o
  3. Generalists who handling diabetes clinics for government hospitals shall have no age requirement
Admission requirements
  • Application form
  • (1) Recommendation letter or character reference from an ISDFI alumnus
  • Transcript of Records
  • PRC license
  • 2 copies of 2 x 2 colored ID picture
  • Entry interview
  • Academic certificate/ granted Certificate in Diabetes Education and Care
    Course Description A comprehensive 12 day training program on prevention and control of diabetes in an out-patient setting
    Course Design Participants will be exposed to out patients in diabetes clinics of ISDFI Faculty and alumni where maximum learning
    is expected from experiential interaction with both patient and mentor. This is where concepts are introduced using actual
    cases and will occur on the first half of each meeting followed by active case discussion after lunch.

    Active Case Discussion will be a session wherein issues related to the patients that the participants saw in the morning
    will be adressed/discussed. This may occur in small group discussions or in a big group/plenary manner.

    Case Presentations are focused group discussions of interesting cases. These will be assigned to participants of the
    course the day before to give them time to prepare for the presentaton.

    Letures are didactics given to enhance the learnings gained from the out patient exposure as well as to consolidate
    concepts and guidelines.
    Course Intention
    1. To prepare the physician in handling cases in an out-patient setting
    2. To enable physician to plan intervention for:
      1. a. Preventing and delaying onset of diabetes
        b. Preventing complications of DM
    3. To maximize diabetes education as a tool in preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes and its complicatons
    Units Didactics (35%) = 33 hours
    Practicum (65%) = 63 hours
    Course objectives General Objectives:
      A. Increased level of understanding of the principles of prevention and control in diabetes
      B. Apply principles in the primary level of prevention and control of diabetes
    Specific Objectives :
      At the end of 12 weeks, the participants will be able to:
    1. Describe the magnitude of diabetes worldwide and in the Philippines
    2. Discuss the chronic care model in the prevention and management of DM
    3. Identify screening tools and criteria
    4. Identify diagnostic tools and criteria
    5. Classify type of DM
    6. Formulate appropriate preventive measures for high risk individuals
    7. Develop appropriate therapeutic plan for DM patients
    8. Demonstrate skills in screening DM complications
    9. Demonstrate skills in diabetes education
    10. Recognize ethical issues in DM practice
    Course Outline
    1. Epidemiology of diabetes
    2. Chronic care model
    3. Diabetes Screening
    4. Diagnosis and Classification of DM
    5. Preventive measures
      1. a. Lifestyle (physical activity/ nutrition/ smoking cessation/ alcohol intake /stress management)
        b. Pharmacologic
        c. Early detection among relatives
    6. Control measures
      1. a. Pharmacologic (OHA and insulin)
        b. Non-pharmacologic (physical activity/ nutrition/ smoking cessation/ alcohol intake /stress management)
        c. Early detection of complications (laboratory/ assessment)
        d. referral
    7. Diabetes education
      1. a. Learning theories and teaching plan
          i. Communication skills
          ii. Motivational Interviewing
        b.Diabetes self management education (skills / checklist – insulin injection/ self monitoring/ foot care/ dental care)
    Course Evaluation Written examinations – 50%
    Oral examination (evaluation of clinical performance) – 20%
    Case study – 15%
    Case presentation – 15%
    Pass or Fail or INC
      – Remedial exam (written/ oral) 1 take only, meeting after the final exam
      – All requirements must be submitted otherwise, INC
    Failure – no certificate, can sit-in during the next offering for enhancement
    Schedule 12 days
    8am- 5 pm

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