Consortium Diabetes Clinics (CGDC)

Consortium of Government Diabetes Clinics

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The Consortium is a nationwide association of diabetes clubs, which serves as support groups of the diabetes clinics set up mostly by ISDFI doctors as part of their covenant with schools. The consortium creates “cooperatives among patients of the different diabetes clinics so they can avail themselves of cheaper medications and laboratory tests. It also facilitates cross-referrals among member clubs. It assists the Department of Health (DOH) in promulgating policies on diabetes control, prevention, and treatment and helps train the staff of the different DOH diabetics clinic on diabetes care.

Quality life for diabetic patients.

To provide the diabetic patients access to effective and efficient clinical care and diabetic education.

To develop hospitals’ diabetes clinitcs into a cohesive effective force reponsive to the needs of diabetic patients.

Specific Objectives :  
  1. To standardize diabetes care
  2. To develop effective information and education campaign on the preventive and promotive aspect of diabetes
  3. To establish a networking referral system among member hospitals
  4. To undertake research studies on diabetes
  5. To establish regular continuing medical education among members hospitals in the consortium (government and non-government hospitals).

Consortium of Government Diabetes Clinics Inc.
President Myrissa Melinda L. Alip, MD
Vice-President Jeimeen J. Agra, MD
Secretary Olive DG. Quizon, MD
Treasurer Rowena R. Libed, MD
Chairman of the Board:Araceli A. Panelo, MD

Members of the Board:
Elizabeth Ann F. Catindig, MD, MS
Maybelle A. Yanuaria, MD
Ma. Mercedes R. Dela Rosa, MD
Ignacia Fajardo, MD
Madelyn Grace Nieves-Ronan, MD
Arvin C. Marbibi, MD
Emma Ruth B. Cuevas, MD
Jennina A. Duatin, RND
Nerissa C. Llanza, RN
Leyden V. Florido, MAN, RN

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