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Corporate Values

Values that guide our organization


We are one in our aspiration to make a dent on diabetes.

Our members and healthcare partners are family whom we value and respect. We care deeply for their well being and growth. We deal in candor and openness. Our patients and their loved ones are family as well. They are our work’s meaning.


Service to Life is our ministry and driving force for furthering the knowledge and skills that help make life much better for diabetes sufferers and protect high-risk individuals from the disease. We are committed to render service anytime, anywhere, and in any condition, so that no one shall be deprived of excellent and humane diabetes care.


Ministering to life is an honorable mission for which our probity, zeal, and fairness, besides our expertise, keep us trustworthy. We practice Medicine in faithful adherence to the Hippocratic Oath, the physicians’ highest and noblest standard of ethics for centuries.


Life being our work’s meaning, we strive to give our best at our best. We search continuously, trying to quench our insatiable thirst for knowledge. Our excellent and generous mentors, whom we owe much gratitude, challenge us ceaselessly with “What else?” and inspire us to renew constantly.


We love seeing happiness in the eyes of the diabetes patients we treat. We find fulfillment in enabling people to help us seek solutions to diabetes. We love working together in an atmosphere of trust, loyal friendship and fun. In all humility we celebrate with quiet and dedicated work our privileged role of enhancing, extending and saving God’s greatest gift:human life.

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