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Center For Diabetes Education

It provides an intensive course on diabetes from the basics up to the clinical with local and foreign experts delivering regular lectures and leading in workshops. If going through the academe course is rigid; passing the regular exams and fulfilling the many other requirements can be more trying. The ISD provides scholarships for deserving doctors especially those who serve diabetics in government institutions in faraway places.

Besides in-Institute programs, the ISD staff provides lecturers to medical centers and societies and other medical organizations for regular up-dates on diabetes management all over the country.

At present, several workshops were organized in different parts of the country to hone the skills and knowledge doctors and the nurses. The Institute launched a quarterly Diabetes Fora with doctors, nurses, and dietitians in attendance.

The ISD has been instrumental in the organization of the Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines, The Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators, and the Philippine Society of Diabetologists.

Besides weekly educational activities for outpatients every Saturday under the guidance of ISD doctors and teaching nurses, the Institute yearly holds a regular four-week symposia for laymen. ISD has been deeply involved in the organization of diabetes lay groups in many parts of the metropolis (i.e. Pasig, Marikina, St. Luke’s, UERM, UP-PGH). The Staff services the needs of these lay organizations.

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