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Center For Diabetes Research

Finally, the ISD inspires its faculty and students to indulge in clinical research activities. At least one successfully completed clinical research is part of the many requirements for its students. Students of ISD have conducted diabetes-screening projects among public school children in Quezon City and Manila. The Institute continues to build up a substantial diabetes-oriented library. From grants it has established a research laboratory which meets the ordinary requirements for clinical research in diabetes such as lipids, glycated hemoglobin.

In its twenty seventh (27th) year of existence, the ISD stands proud on its achievements. Many people will insist that health is the responsibility of the government. We say that it is only as the private sector wakes up to the immensity of the problem, and moves to supplement government efforts, that any hope for the future of Filipino diabetics can emerge from our currently precarious situation. Concerned citizens must start to move-especially those with diabetes in the family.

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